Who are we?

We are a leading agricultural company , with a long history , it has contributed since its inception in 1984 to the establishment of the Saudi agricultural work rules , and continues to exercise its leading role in the development of the agricultural sector and to overcome the obstacles and difficulties encountered in his way , in order to reach the best results by getting higher production volumes the potential of the unit area , and the fight against agricultural pests that lead to production loss or downgrade, where we are providing the best high-quality agricultural inputs and raised the level of awareness of agricultural education for the Saudi farms through scientific knowledge and experience transfer of the Saudi farms and through selected a group of agriculture engineers well qualified scattered all over the Kingdom and are always striving to keep up with technological development by providing the best of modern agricultural equipment to provide the best agricultural products in the Kingdom

Our objectives

We seek in our company to provide all products with high quality at competitive prices to our customers , as we have in our farms better advanced technology and modern in the agricultural market in order to keep up with the agricultural development and provide better agricultural products, agricultural supplies , and we aim to spread agricultural awareness among Saudi farms through lectures, seminars and scientific and technical publications contribute to solving the problems of the agricultural sector through guidance and counseling by trained and qualified agriculture engineers and deployed in all parts of the country .

Our vision

Takamul National Agriculture Company will be the leading in the Middle East and North Africa for agriculture & to be over the next decade in providing services to the agricultural sector with the highest quality and outstanding performance.

According to international methodologies in the field of procurement and research and agricultural technology .



Our mission

Excellence in providing products and integrated agricultural consulting high quality and competitive prices using the best talent and technology to meet the needs of the agricultural market .

Our Team

Our Value... Our Life



It is the cornerstone of the various departments of the company all executive levels and administrative departments will pursuing an open-door policy with everyone.

Team Work


Listen well and respect each other to achieve beneficial results for everyone as well as to provide support for each other and work collectively and respect the views to make our working environment full fill  of joyful and lot of fun.



We are working with each other and with others depending on high ethics, taking into our consideration the interests of shareholders, customers, employees and society as a whole and treat each other with appreciation and respect & take care to exercise our ethics and our principles said and done and the decision and responsibility.



Show the highest degree of expertise, knowledge and proficiency in work skills.





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