AlTAKAMUL NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL COMPANY consider one of the main pioneers of veterinary companies in the local market where we aim to cover all regions of the Kingdom by the quality of our products and the experience of our representatives beside our competitive prices and the perfect services provided by us.

This is due to the variety of our agencies between Arabian, European and Argentinean ..

We are honored that we have the exclusive agency of (Vapco) the Jordanian plant and company which is one of the most prestigious Arab companies in the Middle East, characterized by the diversity of its products to cover all the needs of the market in various forms,,, Also, we are the representatives and the sole agent of the Argentinian company ( Bedson ) with a unique products of its kind (Fosbac & Bedgen 40 conc ), where the poultry industry have been associated with those names into the Saudi market over the past ten years.

And ourselves weren’t limited to that only, but we added other European, Arabian agencies such as:

the Agency of BioArmor – France – with high quality manufacturing,,

Joosten – the international trade mark in milk replacers (joosten milk extra) from Netherland ,,

Akron and Italian company with many good products ,,,

and has recently been agreed with the Egyptian Pharmaceutical company – the innovators where  they have more than 145 registered products, and soon will be in KSA.

What we are characterized by ,,


We defined by the diversity of our products with high quality and also characterized by our expert representatives in various regions of the Kingdom, where they are committed to deliver our orders on time through referred containers- and get to the heart of the desert where remote farms and we are keen to deliver orders through our veterinarians to provide the technical support to the respected farm managers and Veterinary pharmacies within the boundaries of cities and provinces .

We also keep the delivery and receipt of the goods under the supervision of a pharmacist technician specialist, responsible for the implementation of quality standards in our warehouses.

The veterinary department of the company is the integration interface for the company where it's reflect the market's respect and transparency of the sales and marketing policies and respecting of the competitors besides providing the highest quality services and the most accurate dates.





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