Technical Support

Provide technical support and extension of the Saudi farms, through a number of professional engineers from skilled and experienced in their field deployed across the Grand National.


High-quality Supplies

Provide high-quality agricultural inputs, where Takamul National Agriculture Company imports a large number and variety of high-quality supplies through communication with a large number of reputable prestigious scientific and technological techniques and high global companies.


After-sales Service

Follow-up to the farmer after using the product (after-sales service), never-ending task of our engineers technicians when selling the product and connect it to the customer, but goes further to confirm to use and get satisfactory results


Dissemination of Agricultural

Dissemination of agricultural awareness by offering lectures, seminars , workshops and field days , and printing and distribution of brochures of new materials and agricultural products.


Agricultural project management

Agricultural project management , the Takamul National Agriculture Company agricultural project management service  led by plantation and Nurseries Nawara in Al-Kharj region, which is considered one of the best agricultural projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in terms of management, organization and quality of production.


High quality


providing high quality locally produced crops of fresh vegetables and seedlings and plants interior decoration , locally produced in farms and nurseries Nawara .


Agricultural Technology

Introduction of agricultural technology and the latest scientific achievements of modern agricultural equipment and methods: where is Takamul National Agriculture Company is early agricultural company that have worked in the field of protected agriculture, and greenhouses, drip irrigation and other modern farming methods.




Deliver the goods to the customer through a large fleet of trucks to meet the needs of our customers as soon as possible, without additional transport expenses, unique Takamul Agriculture Company have the existence of an integrated transport of large, medium and small transport trucks that run on their customers connect the goods sold to the customer in the place fleet and the right time.


Career Opportunities

Provide jobs through the employment of a number of young Saudis and the Arab qualified highly in their respective areas of specialization: Takamul National Agriculture Company for planting their doors open wide to recruit young energies of engineers, accountants and competent management of the various countries and the regions in order to achieve the vision of expansion and proliferation.

Training and qualification of agronomists through scientific publications and scientific journeys of training courses, where the national integration of agriculture to raise the level of performance among its employees in all scientific and professional disciplines, through scientific publications and training courses and scientific trips, and communication with international companies.





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