Pesticides are considered one of the important means of prevention in the agricultural process is considered successful treatment in the prevention of many agricultural pests the Saudi farms if Astdhaddamha by the right technical methods and recommended ratios and under the supervision of engineers and technicians with experience and knowledge of the

The company is characterized by the integration of a very strong and comprehensive for their work for most types of pesticides in all their uses insecticides and fungicides and pesticides spiders and growth regulators and herbicides

The national integration company of the leading and participating in the Saudi agricultural market companies for more than 30 years of distinguished by agronomists and deployed in all regions of the Kingdom and through dealing with the major companies in the field of pesticide manufacturing and possessing a certificate of quality such as

Vibiku Jordanian company Mebrn company Alamriskyh Chinese company Snagwa

Chinese Heben company Kenzo Malaysian company






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